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Ion-editor feature request/ideas

PostPosted: Sat Nov 24, 2012 6:37 am
by teevee
I think it is a good idea, that the users make their ideas official – this can both inspire the users to come up with more ideas and the creators if they need to get ideas for the development of this editor.

1. Rhythm – I like to see a rhythm composer feature where you can compose the drums in some of matrix like you do on drum machines like this:
Where you can compose, the rhythms in a similar matrix depend on the length of the bars that you want to compose it.

2. Patterns – I like to see a patterns feature where you can both record patterns in step or live recording like a sequencer.

3. Setup – I like to see a graphic feature, where you can combine your rhythms and patterns.

4. Config – I like to see a feature, where you choose the midi channel for your different programs, so you can take advantage of the unit’s multitimbral, example if you control your unit from a daw or an external sequencer.

Users, please post your ideas and help the community to development ;)