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Classic + Variable Shape Waveforms:

In addition to the classic waveforms, Xenophone offers 3 new ones that are built from Tri+Sqr, Saw+Sqr and Sqr+Sqr. The combined waveform is not the summation of signals. It builds from a portion of first wave plus a portion of the second in each freq cycle which can be controlled with "shape" parameter. Using this technique new harmonics are added to the signal that makes the oscillator sounds different and unique regarding the shape and square PW value.

2 Subs + 3 X-Rings:

Each oscillator has a dedicated sub oscillator, tunable 1 or 2 octave below that helps emphasizing bass freq deeply. X-Ring is XOR ring modulator between the square wav of oscillator and its sub (4 or 8 octave below) useful for creating crunchy and gritty sounds.

Xor ring modulator is a kind of analog ring modulator that only receives square wave as input, the output is square wave and result of the input multiplication. It has been used in many vintage synths like Arp, Korg and etc.

True Analog Ring modulator:

Ring modulation between oscillator 1 and 2 signals, with dedicated level control. You can get metallic and bell type sounds out of this modulator with analog flavor.

Versatile Noise Generator:

Capable of generating White, Pink, Red and C64 pitched noise! Pitched noise is a lofi-ish tunable noise and you can play it like an oscillator.

VCF with Screaming Resonance:

Xenophone VCF delivers ten types of filtering. Among the classic lowpass, highpass, bandpass, and notch in various slopes, It introduces 2 innovative filter type which are build from cascading a "18/12dB lowpass" and "6dB highpass" filter with custom feedback. The cascaded filters create amazing textures of screaming resonance at high end and growling low end that self-oscillate with "triangle wave" and "clipped triangle" instead of classic sinus wave in 24dB mode.

Fast and Punchy Envelopes :

Xenophone has 3 flexible DAHDSR envelopes (range=1mS to 30S). "Hold" stage specifically controls the punch to emphasis kicks and percussive sounds. Each envelope offers 4 styles: (Linear, RC, RC2, EXP). Linear sounds like a digital envelope while RC emulates an analog RC-based envelope. Besides the classic trigger options, Filter and Mod envelopes can be triggered via LFO2-S&H.

Analog Distortion and Digital FX:

Distortion section is pure analog and able to colorize the sound from subtle warmth to screaming distortion using 4 selectable modes: Light, Dirty, Harsh and Massive. Xenophone is equipped by a 24bit stereo effect processor. DFX delivers delay and reverb with various algorithms. Delay time can be synced to tempo to produce rhythmic effects.

Arp and Sequencer:

Arpeggiator with 4 modes of arpeggiation, gate adjustment, 15 time divisions, latch button and indicator.
16 x 4 Step Sequencer Options : Slide, Slew Rate, Step-lfo mode, Sequencer track as mod source, Record, Shift.

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