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Hcard-701 (Yamaha DX7 MKI) |Compatibility|Order


Hypersynth multibank cartridge "Hcard-701" is specially designed for expanding the memory of Yamaha DX7 synthesizer. DX7 voice memory is limited to 32 presets (1 bank), which could be upgraded to 64 presets by adding an external Yamaha "Data RAM" cartridge. "Data RAM" is discontinued, rare, expensive and It relies on battery for data retention. These flaws make it not a good choice for DX lovers in modern age. "Hcard-701" can be used as a drop in replacement for Yamaha "DATA RAM" cartridge. it stores up to 400 banks without the worry of battery life and data loss.


-Memory size: Up to 400 banks (12800 presets).
-Instant access to different banks using touch buttons.
-Two digits bank indicator display.
-No need for battery.
-Drop in replacement for Yamaha "data RAM" and "Voice ROM" cartridge.
-Up to 24 pre-programmed soundbanks.
-Hidden "Memory Protect" option.
-External display support for listing all 32 presets in selected bank.

Categorized SoundBank:

"Hcard-701" is loaded with default DX7 factory soundbanks plus 16 soundbanks which selected carefully out of thousands available free banks for DX7. These soundbanks are categorized in a way to simplify the workflow of sound selection.


Larger Size

Soundbank Description (1 bank = 32 presets) Soundbank Description (1 bank = 32 presets)
00-Factory 1A Master Group (Japanese Version) 12-Organ Set Collection of organ sounds
01-Factory 1B Keyboard & Plucked Group 13-Guitar set Collection of acoustic and electric guitar sounds
02-Factory 2A Orchestral & Percussive Group 14-String set Collection of string sounds
03-Factory 2B Synth, Complex & Effects Group 15-Moog set Collection of Moog synth emulation
04-Factory 3A Master Group (American Version) 16-Waldorf Set Collection of Waldorft synth emulation
05-Factory 3B Keyboard & Plucked Group 17-Analog Vintage Collection of analog sounds
06-Factory 4A Orchestral & Percussive Group 18-Synth Brass Collection of brass sounds
07-Factory 4B Synth, Complex & Effects Group 19-Synth Pad 1 Collection of electronic pad sounds
08-Bells Set 1 Collection of bell sounds 20-Synth Pad 2 Collection of electronic pad sounds
09-Bells Set 2 Collection of bell sounds 21-Marimba Set Collection of marimba sounds
10-Bass Set Collection of electronic/acoustic bass sounds 22-E-Piano Collection Collection of E-Piano sounds
11-Harp Set Collection of Harp sounds 23-Fender Rhodes Collection of Fender Rhodes sounds

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