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Problem: MIDI Input Not Recalling

PostPosted: Sun Mar 17, 2019 7:01 pm
by m.Retra
Problem Report: The MIDI IN is not recalling from a saved instance of the Editor. The MIDI OUT, and MIDI Controller IN (in Settings), both remember their previous state and recall properly, but MIDI IN does not. I am an Ableton Live user, so this may or may not occur in other DAW's, but I believe this is a VST thing. I have many pieces of hardware gear, and saving track templates for each synth, each with its own input and outputs already configured saves a lot of time. I created one for my Micron, but noticed that the Editor's I/O does not properly recall.

1. Created a MIDI Track Template with an instance of Hypersynth Editor. It turns into an Instrument track.
2. In Editor, set MIDI IN to micro lite port 4 (In).
3. In Editor, set MIDI OUT to micro lite port 4 (Out).
4. In Editor Settings, set MIDI Controller IN to A-PRO 1.
5. Dragged-and-drop saved the Track Template to Live's Browser.
6. Now drag-and-drop the template back into the project, creating a new instance. Or start a new project with the track template. The result is the same.
7. See that MIDI IN is None, but MIDI OUT and MIDI Controller IN are micro lite port 4 and A-PRO 1, respectively and as previously set.

Please fix this potential bug. Thank you. :D

Re: Problem: MIDI Input Not Recalling

PostPosted: Fri Mar 22, 2019 3:21 pm
by m.Retra
Anyone still alive in here, including the creators of the Editor? Need a little support. Thanks.

EDIT: Flaky behavior as it seems to be working now? Not sure why it decided to remember its settings, but I'll keep putting it through its paces.