Transfer Miniak OS v1.0 from PC to Miniak

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Transfer Miniak OS v1.0 from PC to Miniak

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Hello there,

New user of both Miniak and Hypersynth.

I got the Miniak used and it is totally awesome which is why I purchased extra software - to make it more awesome!

Anyway, as I say, I got the machine used, and I want to restore all the factory patches to it, and as Miniak users know, this cannot be done with the Miniak all by itself - one must transfer the factory OS from another source (PC) to the Miniak using a MIDI interface - and that is 90% of the motivation behind my purchasing the Hypersynth Miniak Editor:
to get the original factory patches back onto the Miniak...

The problem is: I have read several horror stories now on the WWW concerning people who have rendered their Miniaks useless - "bricking" them - because they tried restoring their factory patches by sending a Miniak Os v1.0 file from their PC to their Miniak, and because somehow during this OS transfer process something went terribly wrong and their Miniaks don't work at all anymore as a result - they have to spend another load of money to have their machine fixed!!!

So exactly how safe is it to send the factory fresh OS v1.0 from a PC to the Miniak? Since I've never done it before, how would I know whether my MIDI interface is "good enough" to accomplish the task? If I want to test the quality of my MIDI interface by trying to transfer the OS from PC to Miniak, and if it turns out my interface is not "good" enough, will I be bricking/frying my Miniak and making me cry as a result???

How risky is this OS transfer, and has anyone done it 100% successfully that can explain the ins and outs, and what MIDI interface (brand/model) were they using? I have also read that some people were having problems with this MIDI data exchange, even with relatively expensive interfaces - MOTU/TASCAM, so, how are we supposed to know if our interfaces are good enough without potentially ruining our expensive equipment?

Thank you very much to anybody who can shed light on this matter. :(
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