Issues with Micron Editor and M-Audio Venom

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Issues with Micron Editor and M-Audio Venom

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I am using an M-Audio Venom as my audio / midi interface and it is connected to my PC via USB. I have connected my Micron to the Venon via midi (in and out). Micron Editor is loaded into a midi channel in Ableton 9 and is sending changes to the Micron. However, when i try and select a midi in input (ie to send data from the Micron to the editor) i am getting a message saying that the midi device is already in use and I am unable to select anything.

At the moment i have a one way connection and am frustrated that I can't send patch data from Micron to editor.

Any else experienced this issue or have any solutions. I read something in another thread where somebody had the same issue with an M-Audio / Midiman interface and hope I am not unlucky enough to experience random compatibility issues! I also read on an Ableton forum that Ableton can't deal with Sysex data?

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