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Using Micron-Editor with Nintendo Wiimote

Posted: Thu May 27, 2021 2:18 am
by StuckIntheMIDI

I'm attempting to use my Nintendo Wii controller with the Alesis Micron-editor since I read it's possible on the product page and in the software user manual. I am running Windows 10 on a desktop PC which has a motherboard with built-in Bluetooth 5 functionality. I am able to connect and pair the Wiimote with Windows 10, and in the devices window it shows the controller is paired, and on the Wiimote the leftmost square lights up to show it is connected (Player 1 connected). However, when I run Micron-editor v2.2 and click on the Wii button, I get an error message each time saying "Wiimote is not available".

Has anyone else run into this? I've updated drivers for the Nintendo Wiimote device, removed/uninstalled the paired Wiimote device and tried pairing again. I am able to right click the Micron-editor controls and map them to Accel X/Y of the Wiimote and nunchuck, but they are not responding to input from the controllers (the manual says that by default the A button generates note on/off messages and +/- buttons change octave but these aren't working for me either). Is the only software that is required for this the Micron/Ion-editor?

Thanks in advance for your help! I will keep trying and update here if I get it to work.