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Product Overview (HW Unit):

HyperSID HW unit is a hardware synthesizer based on C64 SID Chip! There is no emulation here, All the sounds are generated by a real SID chip. HyperSID unlocks all C64 SID chip functions and provides several modulation sources and paths. HW unit does not have a user interface and preset memory, you need a software editor to access and control it.

Hardware Features:
-Support for all SID chip revisions (8580-6582-6581)
-Balanced audio output
-Front panel backlight brightness can be controlled by MIDI events (MIDI-driven Visualization)
-Half-rack or Full-rack form factor
-OS upgradable (RS232)
-Audio output: 1 Balanced 1/4" TRS jack

Sound Engine Features:
- 1-Voice Monophonic: 3 oscillators per key
- 3-Voice Paraphonic: 1 Oscillator per key
- 1 LFO (freq=0.01-30.00Hz )
- 1 Filter envelope (range=0.001-4s)
- 1 AUX envelope (range=0.001-4s) which can modulate Pulse Width, Pitch, and LFO rate.
- Ultra-fast arpeggiator which is capable to produce SIDish arp up to 4000bpm tempo.
- Classic arpeggiator (Up, Down, Up/Down).
- Key and velocity tracking for Cut off
- OSC transpose range +36 to -36 Semitone
- OSC cent range -50 to +50 Cent
- Oscillator Phase Sync
- Clean sound without any Self-oscillating in most of the Presets
- Logarithmic and linear curve mode for filter Cut off

SID Chip Basic Features:
- 3 Oscillators
- 4 Waveforms per OSC Tri, Saw, Noise, Pulse (combinatorial)
- OSC ring modulation
- OSC synchronization
- 3 Amp Envelope ADSR
- Multimode analog filter 12dB/Octave HP, LP, BP, and (combinatorial)


Larger Size

Larger Size

Software Editor:

HyperSID-Editor is a software editor for remote controlling the HyperSID HW unit. Real-time integration between software and hardware makes HyperSID act like a standard VST instrument in your host application. For easy access, The software editor layout is designed in a way to cover all the sound engine parameters in one window. (Version History)

Main Features:
- Full control of the sound engine (98 parameters)
- Support automation for all parameters
- Option to select programs and banks remotely
- Sync to host option for master tempo
- Factory Soundbank containing 102 presets
- Pitch wheel with adjustable range
- Flexible preset manager with save and load function
- FPB control module
- Independent MIDI-out path from host
- Run as a standalone or VST/AU pluginn

Note: HyperSID VSTi does not generate any sound itself without the HW Unit.


Larger Size

(HyperSID HW unit is discontinued, we recommend you to use SIDizer)

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