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Miniak-editor Version History:

v2.2 Additions & Fixes:

-Added MIDI learn and default CC assignment for most of the parameters.
-Added a new MIDI controller input port.
-Added support for Nintendo Wii Remote as a MIDI controller.
-Added Latch button.
-Fixed rare issue in saving MIDI In/out when the device number was greater than 9.
-Fixed problem that caused a mismatch between standalone and VST MIDI In device.
-Now editor's M1 and M2 wheels respond to changes visually in block mode (echo off) too.
-Updated documentation: (Added CC tables and step-by-step tutorials).

v2.1 Additions & Fixes:

-Added full-screen button (standalone version).
-Added "reset to default" for m1 and m2 wheels.
-Enhanced m1, m2, and pitch wheel graphics and movement.
-Enhanced Filter Freq, Porta time, and ENVs readout format.
-Now for all parameters "reset to default" responds to "Double Click" besides "Ctrl + Click" for more flexibility.
-Fixed OSCs and ENVs LED selectors malfunction after requesting patch.
-Fixed bug in Cubase 5 which caused to block midi out after adding plugin in a project.
-Fixed crash after opening a project with multiple instances of the same plugin in Cubase.
-Fixed problem that caused "Rename" window to be displayed wrongly after manually sending a sysex patch to the editor from Miniak.
-Fixed problem that blocked auto sysex listening in some circumstances.
-Fixed bug in rename sysex function that overridden fx2 values.
-Improved compatibility with VST hosts

v2.0 Additions & Fixes:

-New registration method that is based on username instead of machine-id.
-Added readout for all parameters.
-Added option for disabling graphical readout.
-Added numerical and graphical readout for all envelopes.
-Now mod matrix can be displayed in the front panel using a new panel switch.
-Added intelligent randomizer.
-Added graphical readout for EX-input balance.
-Added readout for mod matrix level and offset.
-Added readout for filter freq (range 0-10 kHz).
-Added readout for portamento time and "FX1 LFO rate".
-Added X, Y, and Z knobs "mapped to".
-Added option to set "category" via NRPN.
-Added option to set tracking generator preset.
-Now it is possible to set "FX1 LFO synced rate" via NRPN.
-Now "Load sysex" does not show a pop-up screen after opening a file and it can be accessed via the new "Sysex tools" menu, "Load and Send" acts like the old behavior of "Load sysex" button.
-Added remotely saving Miniak programs in sysex format.
-Added "Save (editor program)" in sysex format.
-Added option to change program name and category in a sysex file.
-Added "Settings" menu.
-Now it is possible to configure the editor in a way that it does not load panel-mode and program/bank numbers from preset.
-Added default sysex file with pre-added 12 mod slots (useful for building a patch from scratch without manually adding mod slots in Miniak).
-Fixed minor bug in pre-filter mix balance readout which did not display the correct value at the first click.
-Fixed issue in "update mode" auto function that did not force the editor to update all parameters via NRPN properly at startup.
-Now if you set "update mode" to the manual it will block updating edit buffer at plugin startup too.
-Fixed minor graphical mistake in OSC sqr waveshape
-Fixed issue about inverted "pitch wheel mode" after requesting patch.
-Fixed issue about updating "env loop mode" after requesting patch.
-Corrected "OSC fine" default value.
-Now "All notes off" mutes all notes properly.
-Now FX balance, FX1 feedback, vocoder analysis, vocoder bandshift are utilized with a centered knob.
-Now selecting program using program knob triggers/sends MIDI bank number too.
-Deleted unusable "Arp module" from GUI.
-Sorted/Renamed parameter names in a way that they are displayed in VST host list properly.
-Updated documentation; PDF.
-Minor GUI enhancements.


Initial release


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