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Software & Soundbanks:
XEditor v1.5 Win (Standalone + VST(32bit))
XEditor v1.5 Mac (Standalone + AU(32/64bit))
Xenophone Factory Bank 0
Xenophone Factory Bank 1 (Rob Lee)
Xenophone Factory Bank 2 (Frank Neumann)
Xenophone Factory Bank 3 (Carlo Mezzanotte) New!
Hardware OS:
Xenophone Firmware v2.2 (latest)
Quick Start Guide (English)
Quick Start Guide (German)
Reference Manual (English)
Reference Manual (German)
Firmware Update/USB Guide (Windows)
Firmware Update/USB Guide (Mac OS X)
XEditor Manual

Firmware v2.2 Additions & Fixes :
-Added quick auto-selection of source/target in matrix menu, Hold [-1oct] or [+1oct] + turn a valid knob.
-Added option to shift right/left each sequencer track.
-Added option in global menu for disabling FX in all presets.
-Added option to view parameters value without changing, Hold [ARP Select] + turn any knob.
-Added new display mode "MIDI-Filter" in global menu which prevents jumping from current menu to another when receiving data from MIDI.
-Added hardcoded de-zipper for oscillator shape, pw and phase.
-Now the display does not show "Unrecognized Sysex!" message in any situation.
-Now sysex receiving is done in the background without system halt.
-Improved sysex processing and filtering unwanted MIDI command.
-Fixed freezing when a non-standard sysex dump was received.
-Fixed sequencer bug which held notes incorrectly after last three steps.
-Fixed minor issue in changing portamento type which did not function properly in ARP/SEQ mode.
-Fixed DFX issue that created unwanted artifact when changing presets.
-Fixed SEQ record malfunction.
-Fixed OSC2 phase issue which wrongly altered OSC1 phase.
-Fixed LFO S&G problem that caused some patches sound different after load.
-Fixed an issue in loading the first program after receiving a bank dump via MIDI.
-Disabled tempo knob when "Master Clock" is set to external.
-Slight system speed optimization.

Firmware v2.1 Additions & Fixes :
-Optimized system performance.
-Added option to copy and paste a sequence from one preset to another.
-Added "De-zipper" to remove zipper noise of filter freq knob and modulation wheel.
-Removed: [Freq Enc Ratio] in global menu.
-Now semitone knob changes the oscillator pitch smoothly without any stepping.
-Now the OLED display makes less jumps while two knobs are tweaked at the same time.
-Now "Arp latch" can be set in Arp menu using soft knob [E4].
-Increased preciseness of the numbers that are displayed for LFO rates and ENV parameters.
-Fixed Arp pattern reset issue while changing oscillator's transpose and cent.
-Fixed compare button issue that sent out unwanted MIDI messages.
-Fixed FM level issue that displayed wrong value on the screen after being modulated.
-Fixed soft knob [E2] problem that did not transmit after touch message when "Panel TX MIDI= ON".
-Fixed bug that caused knobs send out of range MIDI messages when "Panel TX MIDI= ON".
-Fixed problem in receiving "bank select" followed by "program change" message via MIDI.
-Minor improvements in updating parameters via MIDI.
-Renamed: SEQ-T1/2/3/4 to "SQ-NOTE", "SQ-VEL ", "SQ-AUX1", "SQ-AUX2" in Mod Matrix source list.

Firmware v2.0 Additions & Fixes:
- Added Duophonic mode.
- Now all parameters with dedicated controls (knob/button) respond to soft knobs.
- Now you can fine-tune Filter Frequecny, Env depth and LFO rates using soft knobs.
- Now for all buttons, first click displays parameter's edit-page without changing the value.
- Now LFO rate LEDs fade up/down according to LFO wave.
- Redesigned envelope display format.
- Now envelope page 2 and 3 are merged to show Delay/Hold/Style/Trigger in one page.
- Now SEQ edit-pages memorize the last edit position.
- Now you can navigate to all Arp/Seq edit-pages using [select] button.
- Now external clock does not trigger notes when Arp/Seq set to off.
- Now [preview] buttons do not trigger Amp envelope when "arp span=off" (Start/Stop mode).
- Now OSC3 does not respond to pitch wheel data when keytrk=off.
- Minor improvements in captions and text location on the screen.
- Fixed OSC3 random pitch change when keytrk=off.
- Fixed CV-Out reversed order in global menu (V-Trig/S-Trig).
- Fixed Amp Envelope malfunction in RC style with long attack and release (Trig=Analog1/2).
- Fixed issue in starting point of Amp Envelope release stage.
- Fixed Amp Envelope style problem that could be set to an out of range value after "EXP".
- Fixed Arp pattern reset issue while changing detune and drift parameters.
- Fixed portamento time problem that was not changed during gate-on time.
- Fixed "LFO3 Target" that was displayed wrongly as "LFO2".
- Fixed issue with "Filter Env Depth" and "LFO1/3 Depth" that could not be set to zero in some circumstances.
- Fixed soft knob E4 malfunction in last page of main section.
- Fixed rare bug that caused soft knobs to be temporarily disabled after updating ENV parameters via MIDI.
"UI-Fixed Mode" that caused unwanted jump to OSC3 edit page.

Firmware v1.73 Additions & Fixes:
- Fixed issue in sending/receiving NRPN messages that caused problems in playing back automation from DAW.
- Fixed a sequencer bug that generated stuck notes at MIDI out when Arp/Seq TX=On.
- Now Xenophone starts with the last active patch instead of prg 1 bank 0.

Firmware v1.72 Additions & Fixes:
- Redesigned and optimized MIDI sync function.
- Fixed off beat issue when clock was set to external (MIDI Sync).

Firmware v1.71 Additions & Fixes:
- Added request patch from edit buffer.
- Now the screen does not jump to home page after receiving "request patch" command.

Firmware v1.7 Additions & Fixes:
- Now arpeggiator responds to (chord/multiple notes) with different velocities.
- Now latch mode memorized the last played chord instead of single note.
- Added new Arp Span mode: "ordered".
- Extended Arp range from 3 to 5 octaves.
- Fixed Keytracking issue that did not generate proper values when Arp was enabled.
- Added option to filter MIDI Start/Stop message in global menu.

Firmware v1.62 Additions & Fixes:
- Now sequencer and arpeggiator respond to incoming MIDI Start/Stop/Continue message.
- Fixed bug that caused reloading patch when receiving MIDI "Song Position Pointer" message.

Firmware v1.61 Additions & Fixes:
- Fixed bug that caused UI locking after changing E1(Mod) or E4(Bank).

Firmware v1.6 Additions & Fixes:
- Expanded memory size from 512 to 896 presets (Added banks 4, 5 and 6)
- Added UI-Fixed mode for env edit-pages which temporarily activates Display-Mode=Fixed in Jump Mode.
- Added new Display-Mode: locked, that disables all the panel knobs.
- Added option to disable MIDI aftertouch in global menu.
- Updated LFO1/3 edit pages, now rate and depth can be edited at the same time.
- Fixed issue that did not allow [store] button to function in Display-Mode=Fixed.
- Updated documentation; PDF.

Firmware v1.51 Additions & Fixes:
- Fixed [E2] knob problem that did not change the aftertouch in home page. (produced after v1.5)

Firmware v1.5 Additions & Fixes:
- Added new trigger source for Filter and Mod envelopes: "MIDI Foot Pedal".
- Fixed bug which caused dependency between Mod ENV "Release time" and Filter ENV settings.
- Fixed issue with modulating LFO3 depth in mod matrix.
- Fixed problem that caused displaying unwanted message after "updating edit buffer" from XEditor.
- Fixed problem which caused unwanted ENV trigger in LFO2SH mode when ARP/SEQ is active.
- Now [E2] knob inc/dec mod depth 10 steps.
- Now a progress bar is displayed while receiving sysex bank dump.
- Now renaming is done faster and smoother on display via sysex.

Firmware v1.4 Additions & Fixes:
- Fixed LFO2 Rate knob malfunction.
- Fixed bug that muted sound while editing Amp Env release.
- Fixed bug in loading resonance value for serial filters in some circumstances.
- Fixed envelopes trigger malfunction in "legato" mode.
- Added new trigger mode for envelopes: "Analog2" (It acts like analog1 but only resets the envelope at the first key press).
- Now Amp envelope does not reset when you change presets.
- Now arp-span subpage is also displayed when you press arp/seq select button.

Firmware v1.33 Additions & Fixes:
- Added new Portamento modes: legato Scaled, Always Scaled.
- Fixed rare bug that occurred sometimes in gliding to a stolen note.
- Fixed minor issues with Display Mode = Fixed.
- Now [E1] knob works properly while editing sequencer steps with MIDI keyboard.
- Now LFO select/target buttons do not change LFO wave/target in other menus.
- Now prg/bnk numbers stay at last used numbers in store page.
- Improved [E1-E3] functions in store page.

Firmware v1.32beta1 Additions & Fixes:
- Added "Running Status" Support for incoming MIDI data.
- Added option to edit sequencer steps by MIDI keyboard (after pressing enter in seq-edit page).
- Now "All Notes Off" MIDI message mutes pressed/stuck notes.
- Fixed bug in selecting sub-osc=off.

Firmware v1.31 Additions & Fixes:
- Addded option to limit the brightness of "LFO rates" and "Tempo" LEDs in global menu.
- Fixed issue that caused displaying "Out of range" CC data for some parameters.
- Fixed wrongly displayed octave range in Arp edit-page.
- Fixed two minor bugs produced after v1.3 : Semi1 wrongly edited Semi2 , Enter button did not work in Calibrate VCF page.

Firmware v1.3 Additions & Fixes:
- Fixed ext-clock sync problem with tempo under 120bpm.
- Fixed program numbering error in "store>save to prg" page.
- Fixed sequencer "Velocity mode" that was locked for edit.
- Fixed sequencer Note="off" display error (in octave 10).
- Now the screen does not jump to Home page while receiving MIDI after-touch and Mod-wheel.
- Now the screen does not jump to Arp edit page after pressing latch button.
- Now global menu display tuning settings instead of CV/Gate at first run.
- Now [E2] knob inserts "Space" character in rename menu.
- Now [E4] knob increases/decreases characters in the rename list by 16.
- Now Rename menu acts smoother.
- Enhanced sensitivity of several knobs.
- Added new option in global menu for decreasing all encoders response.
- Added new option in global menu for increasing "Semitone 1/2/3 knobs" accuracy .
- Disabled functionality of Noise Edit, Store and Compare buttons in Global Menu.

Firmware v1.2 Additions & Fixes:
- Fixed bug in decoding (Note-On message with zero velocity) which caused unwanted note trigger.

Firmware v1.1 Additions & Fixes:
- Improved encoder scanning and jitter rejection.
- Fixed issue in linking [E3] knob to Oscillator1 and 2 Phase.
- Fixed problem in editing Mod Matrix slots 2-8.

Firmware v1.0:
- Initial.

Copy: [SEQ SEL] + [-1oct] , Paste: [SEQ SEL] + [Preview].

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