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24th May 2016: Xenophone OS v2.0 is released.

24th May 2016: XEditor OSX version development has been started.

16th Feb 2016: Winter Sale (30% off SIDizer and Oresus).

26th Nov 2015: 14%-50% discount to all products (Black Friday/Cyber Monday).

22th Oct 2015: Xenophone OS v1.72 is released.

08th Aug 2015: Summer Sale (30% off SIDizer and Oresus).

22th Jun 2015: XEditor v1.4 and User Manual are released.

22th Jun 2015: Xenophone OS v1.71 is released.

13th May 2015: Xenophone OS v1.7 is released.

13th May 2015: XEditor v1.3 is released.

31th Mar 2015: Xenophone OS v1.62 is released.

12th Feb 2015: Winter Sale (30% off SIDizer and Oresus).

12th Feb 2015: Xenophone OS v1.61 is released.

04th Feb 2015: Angled wooden sides are back in stock now.

29th Jan 2015: Xenophone OS v1.6 and Reference Manual are released.

25th Nov 2014: We offer all plugins half price for Black Friday/Cyber Monday period.

08th Nov 2014: XEditor v1.2 is released.

08th Nov 2014: New soundbank is released for Xenophone (programmed by Rob Lee).

08th Nov 2014: Xenophone OS v1.5 is released.

15th Oct 2014: Xenophone OS v1.4 is released.

28th Sep 2014: Xenophone OS v1.33 is released.

21th Sep 2014: Xenophone OS v1.32b1 is released.

16th Sep 2014: Xenophone OS v1.31 is released.

15th Sep 2014: Xenophone OS v1.3 is released.

03th Sep 2014: Xenophone OS v1.2 is released.

17th Aug 2014: 1st batch of Xenophone pre-orders ship today!

06th Aug 2014: Summer Sale (30% off SIDizer and Oresus).

06th Jul 2014: XEditor v1.1 is released.

03th Jul 2014: Xenophone pre-order campaign has ended.

29th May 2014: Special Offer (40% off SIDizer Until 10th June 2014)

14th Apr 2014: XEditor v1.0 is released.

03th Apr 2014: StrayWorx has released the SIDized SoundSet, 100 preset for SIDizer.

02th Feb 2014: Winter Sale (30% off SIDizer and Oresus).

31th Dec 2013: Xenophone is now available for preorder.

16th Oct 2013: Hypersynth unveils Xenophone.

25th Jun 2013: Hypersynth announces the of release "Xenophone" (a new hardware synth) in the future.

25th Jun 2013: Summer Sale (30% off SIDizer and Oresus).

02th Feb 2013: Winter Sale (30% off SIDizer and Oresus).

03th Aug 2012: Summer Sale (30% off SIDizer and Oresus).

23th Apr 2012: Miniak-editor v2.2 is released.

08th Mar 2012: ion-editor v2.2 is released.

06th Feb 2012: Special Winter Sale (20% off SIDizer and Oresus).

29th Jan 2012: SIDizer v1.4 is released.

20th Dec 2011: SIDizer v1.3 is released.

18th Oct 2011: Miniak-editor v2.1 is released.

28th Sep 2011: ion-editor v2.1 is released.

16th Aug 2011: Oresus v1.2 is released.

08th Aug 2011: SIDizer v1.2 is released.

25th Jul 2011: We announce the release of the Mac OS X AU version of Miniak-editor.

30th Jun 2011: We announce a Summer Sale for two of our soft synths, Oresus + SIDizer. They are now available in one bundle for only $65 (save $29).

19th Jun 2011: SIDizer v1.1 is released.

23th Nov 2010: Miniak-editor v2.0 is released.

08th Nov 2010: ion-editor v2.0 is released.

02th Sep 2010: SIDizer v1.0 is released.

18th Jul 2010: We announce the release of a new SID-synth Called "SIDizer" in the near future.

12th Jun 2010: Oresus v1.1 is released.

12th May 2010: Miniak-editor v1.0 is released.

12th May 2010: We announce special discount (33% Off) for "HyperSID HW unit" until the end of May.

26th Apr 2010: ion-editor v1.3 is released.

06th Apr 2010: ion-editor v1.2 is released.

26th Oct 2009: Oresus is released.

08th Oct 2009: ion-editor v1.1 is released.

02th Jul 2009: HyperSID v1.2 and HW unit OS v1.2 are released.

12th Apr 2009: ion-editor v1.1 is under development.

05th Jan 2009: ion-editor v1.0 is released.

06th Oct 2008: We announce the release of Ion-editor in the new future.

06th Oct 2008: HyperSID VSTi v1.1 and HW unit OS v1.1 are released.

24th Sep 2008: HyperSID VSTi v1.1 will be released soon. HW unit OS v1.1 is also under development.

01th Sep 2008: Enhanced Series of HyperSID HW unit is released.

09th Aug 2008: Enhanced Series of HyperSID HW unit is going to be released very soon!

09th Aug 2008: HyperSID HW unit (old box) is discontinued.

25th May 2008: New production line is started for HW units.

24th May 2008: Rack mounted version of HW unit is going to be released soon!

12th Mar 2008: HyperSID Hardware unit is released.

24th Feb 2008: Several donations received from customres!

21th Jan 2008: Website is updated (Order and News added).

21th Jan 2008: Due to many requests for HyperSID hardware unit .We announce the release of complete pre-built unit by the end of February 2008.

18th Jan 2008: HyperSID v1.0 is released.

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